Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Matt Picked Monday.... and I'm a Slacker :(

Soooo, obviously, today is Tuesday and I'm a little late posting what Matt picked on Monday. You can go on and smack me, I have no good excuse for posting late. So anyways, Matt told me to put on something green, so I went with OPI's Sit Under the Apple Tree. Sit Under the Apple Tree is a pale spring green with yellowish gold shimmer. My bottle of SUTAT was a bit thin and runny -which is odd for OPI- and took three coats to give a "full" coverage. After looking at pictures, I think I should have done four coats to even everything out 100%. I probably won't wear this color much because of the many coats I needed to make this look good. But enough talk, here it is!!
*sorry about the red pinkie, my cuticle nippers didn't get along with it very well yesterday*

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