Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Zoya Fall Cashmere Swatches/Review

Sooooo, FINALLY I have the Zoya Fall Cashmere swatches to show you today. I started swatching this collection with longer length nails and had a bad break halfway through swatching, so -of course- I had to start completely over so my swatches could look all the same :)

Flynn is a "camel" colored tan cream. This color makes my skin look absolutely weird. This is two coats with no top coat.

Louise is a warm chocolatey brown cream. This went on fairly smooth in two coats *no top coat*

Pepper is a deep brick red. This was a gooey polish to work with, and was hard to avoid patches *which is very uncharacteristic of something so dark*. This is two coats with no top coat.

Sailor is a deep navy blue that my camera didn't want to photograph properly. This is two coats with no top coat.

Hunter is exactly the name, a dark hunter/forest green. This was the easiest to apply out of the entire collection it went on smoothly with two coats.

Livingston is a bright cherry red bordering between a cream and a jelly. This is two coats with no top coat.

Hopefully I will be back in the next day or so with the Satin half of Zoya's fall collections :) Stay Tuned!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Zoya Fall Pixie Dust Swatches/Review

*Press Samples*
Long time no blog! My husband and I recently moved out into the country and had a hard time finding an internet provider that serviced the area. So FINALLY we have internet, and I'll be back to my regular blogging :). 

Today I've got Zoya's Fall Pixie Dust collection to show you -and possibly the Satins and Cashmeres in a later post today. I must say that I was absolutely IN LOVE with the first two Pixie Dust collections, so this one was a little upsetting for me. The colors are GORGEOUS-don't get me wrong there- but one way or the other, the color was either too similar to another texture polish I own or the formula was too thick and gooey. I do love the texture trend, but I'm hoping that Zoya waits a little longer before coming up with their next set just for creativity reasons. Enough of the talk, here are the swatches :)

Tomoko: A sparkling champagne with silver glitters accented in a metallic beige-y texture base. Formula was great for this one, two coats - no top coat.

Chita: A forest green textured polish with silver glitters. This one had a rather difficult and gooey formula :(. This is one coat with some dabbing in patchy areas rather than a full second coat *no top coat*

Sunshine: is a navy blue with blue and silver glitters mixed into the texture. This one was also gooey in texture. Same method for application as Chita.

Carter: a grape jelly purple with lighter tone purple glitters. This polish had a very different consistency than any other texture polish I've tried, it had a gel like quality and was very sheer like a jelly polish. This is two coats -with a thick second coat.

Arabella: a rich fuchsia pink foil texture base with silver glitters in the mix. This was a very easy formula that applied fairly "smoothly" with just two coats.

Dhara: a mandarin orange foil with yellow-orange glitters in the texture mix. This one was also a super easy formula and only needed two coats. 

Did you purchase any of these fall pixies? Stay tuned for the Satins & Cashmeres post :)
You can purchase these HERE