Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Lime Crime Desserts d'Antoinette

Long time no blog?! :( sadly I've been suuuuuper busy with school, and my new retail job has killed my nails and dried my cuticles into broken cracking deserts. So, here are some swatches I swatched a while back and never got to post :). This is Lime Crime makeup's Desserts d'Antoinette collection. These are all creamy pastels that had a satin-y finish and to save from rambling, they all took only two coats but dried slowly for me.
Peaches <3 Cream: a soft but vibrant peachy cream color :)

Milky Ways: a creamy off white. LOVE this polish and definitely need to purchase a few backups.

Parfait Day: a pastel neon pink * if that's even possible*

Once in a Blue Mousse: another favorite that I'll probably need a backup *or two* of.

Lavendairy: a soft lavender lilac color

Pastelchio: this was the hardest to photograph, on my nails IRL this shows a vibrant neon green that leans soft in white light.

Crema de Limon: a soft buttery yellow that was also hard to photograph *a little more neon IRL*

Do you own any Lime Crime polishes? If you don't, then you should definitely get on that ;)
You can purchase these polishes HERE!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

L'Oreal Project Runway: The Queen's Ambition

Today, I've got one of the L'Oreal Paris Project Runway polishes. This one is The Queen's Ambition, a black cream polish with silver micro glitters and some larger (but still small) silver hex glitters. This went on beautifully with two even coats topped with Cult Nails Wicked Fast for the high shine finish. This polish originally has a satin finish without top coat.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Damn Gurl!

Today I've got ONE MORE Tough As Nails Lacquer to show you. This one is Damn Gurl :)- a fuschia and purple multi glitter top coat. This has many different shapes and sizes of fuschia and purple glitters (hex, shards, and all sorts!). For some reason, I didn't get many good shots of this one :( but the ones I have are pretty amazing. I layered two coats of this over Lime Crime's Pastelchio.

You can purchase this now HERE *as well as The Great Butter Rebellion and Shut Your Sweet Potato Pie Hole* :) and don't forget to like on Facebook and follow on Twitter!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Sweet Potatoes and Pies! another Tough As Nails Lacquer swatch/review

Today!! I've got another of the awesome Tough As Nails Lacquer's new polishes. This one has a forever loooong name, so I'll say it once and it will be abbreviated after. Shut Your Sweet Potato Pie Hole is a fall orange micro glitter with multiple sizes of orange, yellow, and gold hex glitters. SYSPPH went 90% opaque with two coats, and a third just to polish off some tiny naked spots.


You can purchase these HERE

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tough As Nails Lacquer- The Great Butter Rebellion

So, today I've got another Tough As Nails Lacquer to show you. This is one of her new polishes that hasn't yet released *ooooh special!* I was super excited to get this in the mail *along with two other unreleased polishes* These are supposed to debut soon in her Etsy shop. The Great Butter Rebellion is a SUPER packed gold microfine glitter with some larger glitters added in for dimension. This went on smoothly -unlike most packed glitters- and could have done with only ONE coat. I used two coats for pictures, and topped with Cult Nails Wicked Fast *my fave!*

L: Macro bottle                     R: Macro Nail  

This is so shimmery and sparkly that my macro wouldn't stay focused enough to get a good shot :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Zoya Ornate Collection

Today I've got Zoya's new ornate collection to show you. These are all super awesome glitter and shimmery polishes.

Aurora: A full coverage sugarplum purple with holographic micro glitters. This went fully opaque with two coats.

Blaze: A cool toned mulberry with micro fine holographic glitters. This formula is the exact same as Aurora, just a different color. 

Electra: A super packed silver holographic bar glitter. I'm not a huge fan of bar glitters, because they're "hairy" and hard to control. This is three coats for 99% opacity :)

Logan: A yellow toned forest green with a foil-esque finish with blue-green shimmers. This went on with two even coats. 

Storm: A black cream packed with micro fine holographic glitters. This is the same formula as Aurora and Blaze.

Ziv: A yellow gold foil with accents of warm gold glitter flakes. This went on smoothly with two coats.

What do you think about all of these glitters? Do you have a favorite? Mine is a tie between Ziv and Blaze

 *these products were sent to me for review in exchange for my honest opinion*

Thursday, October 11, 2012

The Hungry Asian- Strawberry

Today I've got another Indie polish to show you from The Hungry Asian! This is Strawberry- a red jelly-cream *hybrid-oooooooh-ahhhhhhh* with black glitters in it that make it look like puree'd strawberries. This goes on evenly with two coats -NO SPOTTING!!- and dries fairly quickly, and shiny enough to ALMOST not need a top coat *but I used one anyways because I feel naked without it*

Macro nail shot

Macro bottle shot

Hope everyone likes this :) Does anyone else have/LOVE this polish? 

Friday, October 5, 2012

Crows Toes: Absolum-Your Potions Master

Today, I've got an Indie polish to show you :) it's Crows Toes Absolum-Your Potions Master. This is a glitter topper with  a ton of different glitters *hex/bar/micro/chunky* I layered two coats of it over China Glaze For Audrey.

Macro Bottle Shot

Macro Nail Shot 

Do you own this polish? What are your thoughts on it? I LOOOOOVE it

Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 31: Re-create a Mani

DAY 31!!!!!!
I decided to Re-create Chalkboard Nails's  mani from HERE!

Leopard Base: OPI- Don't Pretzel My Buttons
Leopard Spots/Center: China Glaze- I Herd That
Stripe Base: Orly- French Tip
Leopard Spots/Outer & Stripes: OPI- Black Onyx

Topped with two coats of Cult Nails Wicked Fast

Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 30: Inspired by a Tutorial

Day 30: Inspired by a Tutorial
Tutorial: Cute Polish's Mustaches (HERE!)

Sorry for the short post :( I spent most of my time on my last post *Tough As Nails Lacquer*
TOMORROW is day 31!! and it will be EPIC :)

Tough As Nails Lacquer Teal Me About It and Spacing Out

Today *procrastinating on my 31dc post* I've got two more Tough As Nails Lacquer  polishes :). Have any of you went to swatch something and fell in love and HATED to take it off? That's what happened when I swatch these awesome polishes :)

The first up is Teal Me About It *Teal Me About It is a clear-based lacquer designed to layer over another color. It includes hex and diamond glitters, enjoys long walks on the beach, and puns.* I layered this over Nina Ultra Pro Gladiator *a SUPER shimmery gold*

L: Macro bottle shot                                 R: Macro shot on nail

Next up is Spacing Out *Spacing Out is a black jelly lacquer. It contains teal, turquoise, blue, and silver holographic hex glitter. Spacing Out likes thinking thoughts, examining her fingerprints, and . . . wait . . . what? * This one I did on its own with two coats, and it's amazingly squishy AND sparkly

L: Macro bottle shot                                   R: Macro nail shot

Really cool bokeh effect using my macro lens :)

Again, you can purchase these HERE, like on Facebook, and follow on Twitter!!

Saturday, September 29, 2012

31 Day Challenge Day 29: The Supernatural

Day 29: Supernatural
Inspiration: Aladdin's Genie :)
Sorry for the short posts :O I haven't had much time outside of work to post and paint.