Sunday, September 30, 2012

Tough As Nails Lacquer Teal Me About It and Spacing Out

Today *procrastinating on my 31dc post* I've got two more Tough As Nails Lacquer  polishes :). Have any of you went to swatch something and fell in love and HATED to take it off? That's what happened when I swatch these awesome polishes :)

The first up is Teal Me About It *Teal Me About It is a clear-based lacquer designed to layer over another color. It includes hex and diamond glitters, enjoys long walks on the beach, and puns.* I layered this over Nina Ultra Pro Gladiator *a SUPER shimmery gold*

L: Macro bottle shot                                 R: Macro shot on nail

Next up is Spacing Out *Spacing Out is a black jelly lacquer. It contains teal, turquoise, blue, and silver holographic hex glitter. Spacing Out likes thinking thoughts, examining her fingerprints, and . . . wait . . . what? * This one I did on its own with two coats, and it's amazingly squishy AND sparkly

L: Macro bottle shot                                   R: Macro nail shot

Really cool bokeh effect using my macro lens :)

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  1. Thank you for the gorgeous swatches! Love them both on you.