Monday, September 10, 2012

Tough As Nails Lacquer: Not a Plain Jane and 43 Quintillion

Today I've got an extra post for you with Tough As Nails Lacquer's Not A Plain Jane and 43 Quintillion. These are both super awesome glittery top coat style polishes (although with enough patience for multiple coats, they could be worn alone). Note: for all pictures, I layered two coats over H&M Miss Stone Heart.

Not A Plain Jane:"Not A Plain Jane is a topcoat lacquer, containing hex glitters in varying shades of white and pink, along with a few white hearts. Not A Plain Jane is named for one of my favorite people. She is sophisticated, feminine, completely fun, and known to sprinkle fairy dust in the lives of those she loves." 

This has all sorts of pink, white, and iridescent glitters in plenty of different shapes and sizes *I even found a heart!*

L: Bottle Shot R: Macro Shot of the Bottle

43 Quintillion: "43 Quintillion is a topcoat lacquer. It contains hex glitters all of the colors you might find on a certain cube-shaped game from the 1980s, which happens to have forty-three quintillion combinations. 43 Quintillions is the life of the party -- she's a little bit wild, a little bit mixed up, and is always working to see how high she can get her bangs and how crimped she can get her hair."

This is packed with blue, green, red, yellow, orange, black, and white hex glitters in multiple sizes

L: Bottle Shot  R: Macro Shot of Bottle

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