Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Got nail mail today :) was pretty pumped that TWO packages were coming in the same day. I ordered Julep's Sienna & Emilie a few Tuesdays ago for their Tuesday flash sale (B1G1 for the pair of them) It said it shipped last Tuesday and came today. Also today came my Julep Maven box, which shipped THIS Monday and arrived on the same truck as the package shipped last week :)
In my first box (that was super tiny and cute) I got Sienna (a metallic gold) & Emilie (a jade green)
In my Maven box, I got two sample packets, one of a sunscreen hand moisturizer & the other an age defying hand moisturizer. There were 4 polish bottles (3 colors and one treatment). For the colors, I received Kim (dark gunmetal grey), Trina (a deep aubergine), and Christina (a shimmery deep orange). I also got Julep Nail Therapy, and on the postcard with "Jane's tip of the month" it says to use as a base coat to prevent colors from staining your nails. :) All of these will be swatched and reviewed soon.

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