Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Zoya Spring 2013 Lovely

AAAAAAND I'm on a roll today! I have Zoya's new spring collection to show you. The Lovely Collection is six super soft pastels *three shimmers, three creams*. All of these were Zang Toi or Peter Som custom shades. I'll also hit all six and tell you that these didn't go perfectly opaque without three coats.

I LOOVE the little boxes Zoya's collections come in.

Piaf is a creamy yellow shimmer *Zoya describes it as metallic, but its definitely a shimmer* that i'm not super fond of. My skin tone looks horrible with anything yellow. (This was a Zang Toi shade)

GeiGei is a cherry blossom pink shimmer. I must say that all of these shimmers stuck to my nails and even after swatching some other polish I still have shimmer on my fingers. This was a somewhat hard color to capture, but beautimus nontheless. (also a Zang Toi shade)

Julie is a pale lavender shimmer. This is one of the most glowing *if that's the term* pastels I've ever worn. AAAAAND for reasons unknown, this wanted to photograph with no shimmer. (and again, this was a Zang Toi shade)

Blu is exactly that, Blue. A gorgeous robin egg blue cream. This is my second favorite in the collection:)  (created for Peter Som)

Neely is a pastel spring green, almost a pastel sage. This is such an odd color to describe, just because I don't think there's a proper word for what color it is.  (this is a Peter Som shade)

Jacqueline is the perfect creamy pastel. It's a sweet cream color, and is my FAVORITE of the collection. This color reminds me of magnolia flowers. (a Peter Som shade)

Overall, this wasn't my favorite collection *not really a fan of pastels*, but it was very well done. The creams were definitely my favorite :)

Have you ordered any of these lovelies from the Lovely collection?
You can order HERE!!

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  1. I don't care much for pastels, either. I do like the creams, though. The yellow shimmer isn't too bad. I definitely will not be getting the pink and purple.