Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Influenster Holiday Vox Box

Hey guys! I was recently one of the awesome people that got the Influenster's Holiday Vox Box. My box contained Quaker oatmeal, a NYC liquid lipshine, Kiss Nail Dress, EBoost, a Goody quikstyle brush, and a sole society coupon.

First off is the Quaker real medleys oatmeal +
I got the summer berry flavor. The flavor of this oatmeal was great! But -for me- this was quite a large portion of food for one serving. Overall, great product, just too much in one cup :)

NYC Luquid lipshine in the color Nude York City (582)
This was a super sheer shimmery nude gloss. My favorite part about it is the smell! It smells like Malibu rum :O

Kiss Nail Dress in Babydoll
This is a set of nude sticker "polish" with silvery champagne dots. some of the nails had a little accent "stripe" and some were full nail dots. These were a bit thick for easy application, and since my nails are super short at the moment, they were a little hard to get them cut down to the right length without ruining the dots at the edges. Overall would be wonderful for people with tons of patience or super long nails.

EBoost: Natural Energy
EBoost is an effervescent energy powder added to water to give a healthy boost of energy. I got the pink lemonade flavor. I have not yet tried this flavor, but I have tried the product from another sample box in the orange flavor, and I'm definitely looking forward to some pink lemonade. 

Goody QuikStyle Brush (Paddle)
The Goody QuikStyle brush has microfiber bristles in between the normal bristles of the brush to absorb moisture while brushing, blowdrying, and styling.  This was a little hard to use on my super short pixie cut hair, but it did speed up the drying process quite a bit. 

That, my friends, is my Vox Box review. Hope you got some great information and hopefully you'll try out these awesome products :)

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