Friday, June 14, 2013

The Juice Box- Disappearing Bladder Swatch/Review

AHHHHH! Indies everywhere! I stumbled upon The Juice Box on instagram (@graysonails) and fell IN LOVEEEE:). Being the safe buyer I am, I decided to only purchase one polish, and had the hardest time ever narrowing it to one only. I chose "Disappearing Bladder" from her "Pregnancy Pains" collection.  This is a "baby" yellow crelly with aqua glitters in it. OOOOH no, it's not JUST glitters; its DOTS :). Large dots, and small dots complemented with small hex glitters. This polish was opaque with two coats but I used three for some extra dimension. The glitters are like a multi layer jelly sandwich when it's finished. The glitter was a little finicky, but after a good shake, it applied easily. I was also playing with my blacklight and discovered that it has an awesome glow under direct blacklight. Enough talk, here are the pictures!!:)

I know I don't usually do bottle shots, but this label is the CUTEST :)

Indoors/artificial lighting inside light tent

Outdoors/inside light tent

Outdoors/direct sunlight


You can purchase this polish and many others HERE! I must say I'm absolutely loving this polish and would definitely visit her shop again :) 

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