Friday, June 21, 2013

The Juice Box Pregnancy Pains Collection

AHHHHH! So, today I've got the FULL Pregnancy Pains Collection from the Juice Box to show you. This is one of the most creatively named/themed collections I've come across, and I absolutely LOVE every one of the polishes in it. I previously posted Disappearing Bladder from this collection, but I'll give ya a refresher on it here too :).

Beluga Whale is a royal blue jelly with green, yellow, and aqua multi shaped glitters- and DOTS! Pictured is three coats with top coat. I absolutely love the dimension this polish has with each new coat of color. If you're not a huge fan of VNL, I would recommend layering this over a similar colored cream polish.

 Endless Apetite is a clear based glitter bomb. I can't even list all of the colors and types of glitters in this, but again DOTS! This is two coats with top coat layered over Cult Nails Let's Get Dirty. You can pretty much layer this with any polish, and even just one coat is enough for awesomeness!

Heartburn is exactly that, multi shades of red *red holo too!* glitters and silvery holographic dots as well as some orangey-appearing shards :). This is two coats with top coat layered over Cult Nails Nevermore. I love this polish and have a glitter gradient over a bright orange pictured in my head that I'm dying to try out :)

Mother's Milk is a white crelly base with pink and purple glitters including hex, small dots, HUGE dots, AND hearts! This was probably the most difficult polish for me to work with, but that could be because it was the last to swatch and I was swatch impared by that time. My glitters just wanted to hide under the white :(. This is two coats with top coat. This could probably be a one coater with more prominent glitters if layered over a white base.

Memory Lapse is a "pepto bismol" pink jelly with white multi shaped glitters *diamonds, bars, circles, little squares, and the random large square. I feel like memory lapse is the "cure" for Heartburn :). This is two coats with top coat. Again, if you're not a fan of VNL, I would layer this over a similar shade of pink *I layered it over Cult Nails Untamed when I first opened the package before swatching*

Disappearing Bladder this is a pastel neon yellow crelly base with multi sized and shaped aqua glitters. I won't talk toooooo much about this one since I've already done a detailed post on this Here. This is three coats with top coat. 

You can purchase these polishes at The Juice Box. Hurry over while they're still available :) These awesome polishes are selling quick!!

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