Thursday, February 16, 2012

China Glaze Magnetix

Today, I have China Glaze's new magnetic collection. It consists of 6 colors: Drawn to You, Instant Chemistry, Attraction, Pull Me Close, Cling On, and You Move Me. There are three different magnet designs: straight lines, chevroned lines, and a starburst effect. All of these pictures have each magnet design along with the polish unmagnetized. So, enough talk, here they are:)
The Bottles all together and magnet :)
Drawn To You: a medium purple metallic with lavender magnet lines
Instant Chemistry: a dark eggplant-ish metallic purple with medium purple magnet lines
Attraction: a charcoal gray with glitter and silver magnet lines
Pull Me Close: a medium cobalt blue metallic with light blue magnet lines
Cling On: a lime green metallic with pale green magnet lines
You Move Me: a gold metallic with yellowish magnet lines
Hope you like them :) these are all one coat (per the instructions), but they were a little thin. I plan on letting one coat dry then doing a second coat with the magnet so it's not as spotty as some were. Overall, I'm super happy with them.

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