Thursday, February 2, 2012

RIP All Hail the Queen

Yesterday, I got a few Butter Londons in the mail and was super excited about opening it so I could wear All Hail the Queen (I also ordered Disco Biscuit & Knackered). When I opened the package, I smelled polish and was devastated to see that the one I was most looking forward to trying was broken.

This is what i was super sad to see :(. I immediately called the place I ordered from, and they're sending a new one that should be here in a few days. As I was on hold, I came up with the idea to pour the un-dried part of the polish into an empty bottle. When I got home, I ran for my MANGLAZE franken jugg stockpile to find that I had one (yes, ONE) left and poured the remnants of my broken All Hail the Queen inside it. The front of the bottle was undamaged, so I cleaned it off with some acetone and had a great new prop for my blog post today :) so anyways, here it is!!

Top: No Flash (indoors) Bottom: Flash (indoors)

Top: Sunlight Bottom: Shade

This has got to be one of my FAVORITE Butter Londons.
All Hail the Queen is a creamy taupe polish with a slight bit of holographic glitters in it that looks like a linear holo in some lighting :). This is three coats of AHTQ in all pictures.

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