Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Take It Off! My favorite removal method.

Ok, so I was browsing pinterest the other day and found this odd looking nail polish removal method and decided to try it out. I've tweaked it a little, and that's how I do it. For today's removal I'm only using ONE -yes I said ONE- mini cotton ball. I've been using the little cottons that come packed up in Cult Nails boxes with those cute burritos. This method even works wonderful on glitters *I like it better than the foil method*

Step 1: Grab a cotton ball -like I said up there ^^, I'm only using ONE of these minis pictured.

Step 2: Unroll the cotton ball -I stick my finger in the middle and push it out that way, and it unrolls easily.

Step 3: Split your cotton in half -this step makes your cotton cover more area

Step 4: Break your two cotton strips into small pieces -Yes, you only have 10 fingers, but try to get at least 12 pieces *two bigger ones to save for later*

Step 5: Dip a cotton piece into some remover -It's easiest to pour some into a small dappen dish *I'm using OPI expert touch*

Step 6: Pat your little wet piece of cotton down onto your nail -I do one hand at at time- and wait about a minute or two.

Step 7: When your cotton no longer looks wet, it's time to remove it

Step 8: Use one of your extra cotton pieces -sometimes I put remover on it to help- to wipe off the dry cotton (photo on left). If there's any left over, use that same piece dipped in your remover to get the excess bits off (photo on right).

And, that's all! This ^^ is what my cotton ball looked like after I was finished cleaning everything off. The first time I used this method, I couldn't believe I had only used ONE *mini* cotton ball.

Have you tried this method? What do you think? *comment below*


  1. DANG I might switch from cotton pads to balls. Does it work with chunky glitter too?

    1. I tried it with Rainbow Honey 20% cooler an it worked :)

    2. I tried it on a pretty glittery one and it worked like half way. Give that I was too impatient to wait more than almost a minute, didn't 100% soak the cotton, and tried it by pulling apart a cotton pad lol. I'll try it again soaking the cotton completely in a dappen dish.

  2. It doesn't work well with cotton pads. try with a cotton ball and it works 100 times better. When I do glitters with this method, I wait at least 2 minutes and sometimes re-wet the cotton with acetone