Sunday, August 5, 2012

Zoya NYFW Fall 2012 Gloss Collection

I know they're EVERYWHERE right now, but I *finally* have swatches for the 3 new Zoya collections that just came out. Today, I'm going to show you the smallest of the three: the Gloss sheer jelly collection. I was SUPER excited about these being jellies and am still excited about making some sandwiches with them.

Katherine: *a sheer aubergine jelly gloss* This is almost an eggplant purple with a little brownish added to it. This is a Peter Som custom shade that I'm glad they included in this collection. Honestly, this was the HARDEST jelly polish I've applied. My pictures of this are all 3 coats that I had to let dry completely before applying the next shade *every time I applied a coat over tacky polish it pulled it up and made bald spots*. Nonetheless, this is a beautiful shade that I definitely will wear even with all of my issues with it.

Paloma: *a sheer berry red jelly gloss* This is my FAVORITE from the Gloss collection. It turned out almost a hot pink against my skin tone.  This was a breeze to apply *only two coats, and didn't have to wait for it to completely dry in between*

Frida: * a sheer teal blue jelly gloss* This looks almost black or navy in the bottle and is surprisingly light when applied. I didn't have any problems with this and applied well with two coats. This is the jelly sister of Wednesday :)

How do you like these jellies? Did you order any?

*these were sent to me for review in exchange for my honest opinion*

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