Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Zoya NYFW 2012 Designer Collection

Today, I've got another of Zoya's NYFW 2012 collections, the Designer collection. The designer collection is a full collection of creams. I'll tell you now, these all went on amazingly and had full coverage with two coats and none are pictured with a top coat.

Rekha: *a blood red cream* This one is nearing the top of my "favorite reds" list, though without base coat, it stained pink EVERYWHERE :O. Rekha is one of the Bibhu Mohapatra custom shades.

Toni: *a dark maroon red cream* Toni is a color that I find a little too dark for my skin tone, but a beautiful color nonetheless.

Monica: *a dark mulberry purple cream* This color is going to be hard to keep in my stash because my mom will probably snatch it :). She loves purples and I know as soon as she sees it she will want it immediately. 

Natty: *a smoked navy blue cream* This is a dusty blue -similar to China Glaze First Mate- almost navy and gray mixed together.  This is one of my favorites of this collection.

Evvie: *an evergreen green cream* This was another of the Peter Som custom shades, and I was looking wayyyy forward to swatching it. 

Noot: *a charcoal green gray cream* This has got to be one of the hardest colors to photograph. No flash, flash, light box, no light box, and it still doesn't show the true color of this polish. I LOVE the color and wish I could get a better picture of it.

Did you order any from this collection? Any other of my blogger ladies have issues photographing Noot or their mothers snatching Monica? 

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